Confined Space Entry


All employees at Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining are nationally accredited in confined space entry. Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining are recognised for carrying out confined space entry projects of numerous sizes and scales. Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining adhere to strict confined space entry procedures.

Entry and working in confined spaces has been and will continue to be an integral part of the activities of Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining.

The definition of a confined space is ‘not designed primarily for human occupancy’. Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining strictly adheres to the national Work Health and Safety Regulation (2011) requirements for safely working in confined spaces. Some of these guidelines are based around atmospheric testing, atmospheric safety, ventilation, isolation, risk assessment, confined space entry requirements, safety in confined work spaces, entry permits, emergency procedures and entry record sheets.

Due to the hazardous nature of working in confined spaces, Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining take safe work procedures very seriously whilst undertaking confined space projects.

Wilmot Plumbing and Pipelining are very proud of their achievements in the trenchless industry. These achievements would not have been possible without a commitment to excellence whilst working in confined spaces.

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