Laundry Water Leaks- Detection and Repair


Laundry Water Leaks.

Laundry water leaks can cause almost unlimited damage. Some times the water damage occurs rapidly and spectacularly. Call us for all leaks. In other laundry water leaks the damage may occur over a long time. These laundry water leaks occur out of sight where water damage can spread and get worse.

Water leaks cause water wastage and property damage.

Water Leak Damage.

Damage caused to your home or business premises by leaking water can be devastating. The damage is usually expensive to repair because these costs are on-top of the cost to repair the original leak. A burst pipe makes the damage worse because of the large volume of water.

The problem is worse if a large volume of water leaks and the water leak persists over an extended period of time. Often burst pipes discharge water at a high rate and the laundry water leaks may not be detected because the home occupants are away or just do not notice the problem.

Some water leaks are obvious while others are more hidden. Either way the damage caused by the laundry water leaks can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Plus your water & water heating bills go through the roof and you waste water. Often un-noticed laundry water leaks cause water damage which can can spread. Water from laundry water leaks can soak into timber frames, floor sheeting and over time it will travel up through your Gyprock sheeting as well. This type of water damage is very, very costly to repair. What is worse, we have found that laundry water leaks are becoming more prevalent.

There are some very simple inspections that you can do yourself to detect if you have laundry water leaks now, or if you have other problems which need to be rectified.

Newcastle Plumbing Inspections.

Alternatively, you could call Wilmot Plumbers Newcastle on 0432 428 532 and we’ll carry out a preventative inspection on your whole home.

Our inspections are quick, easy and inexpensive. We can answer any questions you may have and advise you of any maintenance items which require attention. To fully put your mind at rest we can schedule annual inspections and maintenance programs.

Using the laundry room as an example we have prepared a list of inspections which are worth doing in your laundry.

Laundry Water Leaks Check-list

  • Washing Machine Connections. Look for any small leaks in both the hot and cold water connections. The most “minor” of leaks can turn nasty, particularly in the case of hose failure. Repair even the smallest of leaks because small leaks become big leaks very quickly. Check both ends of the hoses and replace the small hose washers if required. Also, inspect  water hoses for kinks and cracks because this indicates a hose failure is likely to occur. Check all hoses out for brittleness and replace as needed.
  • Laundry Tubs. Check if the tubs drains slowly because this can indicate a blockage. Take appropriate steps to relieve the blockage to prevent further damage. Also check that the discharge from the washing machine can  drain away quickly and a free flowing drain is very important.Watch for any signs of dripping taps, water damage to the flooring or leaks in the drain pipe. Do not ignore even a small leak.

For further tips on finding water leaks – click here

Finally, it is wise to turn the water supply to the washing machine off at the taps while the washing machine is not in use. This can prevent damage being caused by laundry water leaks which happen because of a failure of the washing machine connections or hoses.

For Expert leak Detection in Newcastle

If you suspect you have a leak somewhere in your house then turn of all your taps and watch your water meter to see if water is still flowing. If your water meter still moves after a few minutes then it is likely that you do have a water leak somewhere.

Call Wilmot Plumbers Newcastle on 0432 428 532 to locate and repair the leak.

If you find any signs of any leaks anywhere in your property we encourage you to contact us immediately. Water damage is a problem you don’t want to neglect. As always, we advocate routine inspections of all rooms in your Newcastle property home to guard against leaks.

Remember: for fast, accurate and thorough Newcastle water leak detection, call Wilmot Plumbers Newcastle. Save water, save money…save yourself a lot of grief.

Laundry Water Leaks.Image showing Plumbers Newcastle repairing a washing machine which is leaking.