Newcastle Plumbing Regulations have changed- Read it here.


Newcastle Plumbing Regulations.

We present the following information about the changes as a guide only. Users should check with their local authority before commencing any plumbing or drainage work.

  • Administration of the Newcastle plumbing regulations has been passed to NSW Fair Trading.
    From 1st July 2012 NSW Fair Trading became the relevant authority for administering Newcastle plumbing regulations.
  • The changes to the Newcastle plumbing regulations follows changes made throughout New South Wales. The NSW Government brought in these changes.
  • All Hunter Water plumbing inspectors were transferred to NSW Fair Trading. These inspectors will oversee the Newcastle plumbing regulations from that date forward.
  •  NSW adopted the Plumbing Code of Australia as the single code of practice for all plumbers across the state.

Newcastle Plumbing Regulations Changes

As a result of the transfer to Fair trading arrangements for plumbers to organise inspections will now change.

Plumbers must book all inspections through NSW Fair Trading from now on by phoning 1300 889 099.

The changes in the Newcastle plumbing regulations are part of a state-wide initiative by the NSW Government to provide a more consistent and effective approach to standard setting, on-site regulation and licensing in NSW.

Plumbers and Drainers working in the Newcastle / Hunter region is that Plumbers and Drainers must now submit the following documents to NSW Fair Trading.

  • Notice of Work (NoW)
  • Sewer Service Diagram (SSD), and
  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

Payment of Inspection Fees

These fees are to NSW Fair Tradings MyInspections website. The plumbers and drainers Notice of Work (NoW), Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) and the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) may also be submitted through this website.
Inspections for Internal Drainage

Plumbers require inspections for all internal drainage throughout the Newcastle / Hunter Region. For more information on exactly what inspections are required visit the Work requiring Inspections page on the NSW Fair Trading website.

When should Plumbers and Drainers book inspections

Plumbers need to arrange inspections in the following circumstances.

  • drainage work is finished and before backfilling or covering the installation
  • a connection to a NUO sewer main is finished and before backfilling
  • Fair Trading requests an inspection, ie. when there is a need for re-inspection or for an inspection of non-compliant work.

Newcastle Plumbing Regulations have changed

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