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Newcastle Plumbing.

Local Newcastle Plumbing.

Our Local Newcastle Plumbing Services includes all new installations and maintenance for both residential and commercial Newcastle plumbing jobs.

We do all the plumbing and drainage for our customers because clients need a local and reliable Newcastle plumbing service experienced and capable of doing all of their work. Your job will be completed in the shortest possible time because we do all the work.

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Newcastle Plumbing Services

New Service Installations.

We offer full new service installations  because this is what our customers want and expect. We provide our customers with  full service installations throughout the Newcastle area every day.

Our plumbers complete new installations in new projects, extensions and renovations and we are used to working within our customer’s building schedules.

Repairs and Maintenance.

All our plumbers are trained and equipped to deal with your plumbing repairs and maintenance because we understand how annoying it can be to be kept waiting to have faults in your plumbing repaired or that new hot water heater installed. We provide the best possible Newcastle Plumbing Service to our customers and this includes being quick to provide our repairs and maintenance services as soon as possible after we have been requested to do the work.

Repairs and Maintenance Services.

Our expert services includes the full range of repairs and maintenance and the list of services to too long to list here. But rest assured we can competently handle all your repairs and maintenance in a timely manner.

Our Services include:-

We offer speedy hot water installation, replacement and repairs so your hot water keeps flowing.
Our tap replacement service will install your new fittings quickly, therefore give us a call when you need new taps.
Blocked Drains cleared so you don’t have to worry every time it rains.We fix dripping taps and fixtures so you don’t waste money and water.
New Shower installations are our specialty, as is leaky shower repairs.
Dishwasher installation, replacements and repairs including fixing leaks.
Toilet installations and replacements including repairs and fixing leaks.
Sink and hand-basin installations and replacements, leak detection and repairs.
Laundry tub installations and replacements, leak detection and repairs.

We offer all plumbing Services, residential and commercial.

Drainage Specialists:

We do all sewer and stormwater work both new and maintenance.
Our Plumbers detect any blockages in sewer and stormwater using cctv.
Blocked drains cleared.
Damaged drains repaired by trenchless no-dig technology.
Drain replacement when required.
New drain installation.
Drainage relocation and modifications.

Pipe Relining in Newcastle.

We can often repair damaged sewer and stormwater pipes without the need to dig them up, because we use trenchless no-dig technology, and we guarantee the repair.

We are Real Local Plumbers.

Remember we are your local Newcastle Plumbers.

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