Pipe Relining


Pipe Relining Newcastle are specialists in NO-DIG trenchless pipe relining. We perform work on residential properties to large scale pipelines of all sizes. We offer a complete pipeline rehabilitation service.

Pipe Relining Newcastle also offer a complete closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) pipeline inspection service, and also offer ‘Robotic Technology’ to rehabilitate pipelines of all sizes and scales.

Domestic and Residential Drain Repairs.

Point lining, or patching.

The technique utilised by Pipe Relining Newcastle is simply a long bladder- known as a packer- which is inflated with the new pipe liner, coated in epoxy resin. The packer is compressed to the inside wall of the pipe to create the new section of pipe inside the existing one. This is most commonly used to repair domestic sewer problems on a small scale. We can reline up to 15 meters per day using this technique and also have the capability to reline damaged bends & junctions using our robotic technology.


This technique is also used for domestic jobs by Pipe Relining Newcastle, but is more commonly used on larger scale jobs- for example, on council sewer mains etc. The inverting procedure turns the new liner inside out and drags the liner through the pipe under air pressure. As the liner enters the old pipe it is run through a ‘wet down table’, which soaks the liner with epoxy resin as it enters the old pipe. The liner stays compressed against the inside wall of the pipe until it cures, and the result is a completely new pipe inside the existing one. We can reline large sections of pipe in a single day using this technique.

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