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Plumbing Articles

We provide the following plumbing articles for the benefit of our customers. These plumbing articles are intended as general information only and are not to be regarded as plumbing advice or diagnosis.Before any decision is made please ensure that you consult a licensed plumber or drainer for specific advice accurate for your circumstances.

Hydraulic Gradient and Water Velocity

Hydraulic Gradient and Water Velocity determine pressure loss in a water supply system.
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Plumbing Valves

Because the flow of water needs to be controlled plumbers use plumbing valves.
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Water Main Connections by Plumbers in Newcastle.

Water main connections vary upon the individual circumstances relation to the particular water connection.
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Newcastle Plumbing Regulations.

A guide to Newcastle Plumbing Regulations. Please confirm all regulations with NSW Fair Trading.
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Newcastle Fresh Water Supply.

The Newcastle fresh water supply is made up of a range of water sources located within the Hunter/ Newcastle area.
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Laundry Water Leaks.

Laundry water leaks can cause almost unlimited damage.
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Plumbing Cross Connections.

Plumbing cross connections occur where the authorities water supply comes into contact with a potential source of contamination.
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Backflow Protection Devices.

Various types of backflow protection devices are used to protect the water supply from contamination.
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Safe Drinking Water in Newcastle.

Plumbers in Newcastle follow practices and regulations designed to ensure safe drinking water is always available.
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These plumbing articles are a guide only and should not be relied upon in making plumbing or drainage decisions These plumbing articles are not advice or recommendations. Always consult a licensed plumber or drainer for all plumbing and drainage work and advice.

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