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Plumbing Valves

Because the flow of water needs to be controlled plumbers use plumbing valves.

In order to control flow plumbers use different types  of plumbing valves. Plumbers make the final choice based upon job requirements. For example, hot water installations require valves which are more specific to hot water systems.

Plumbing Valves used by Wilmot Plumbers Newcastle.

Water flow needs to be controlled and regulated through a plumbing system in order that the system will work properly. Plumbers use a number of mechanical devices, such as valves, to control water flow and regulate the flow of water through the pipework. In some circumstances these plumbing valves also act as a safety device should some fault occur within the system or the associated equipment.

Stop Valves and Stop Taps.

Newcastle plumbers use stop valves and stop taps because they control the flow of water well. The plumbers select between the two based upon the job needs.

Stop valves are used by plumbers to stop the flow of water within a pipe line or plumbing system. The fittings referred to as stop valves includes ball valves, gate valves, & sluice valves.

A stop tap on the other hand is used in applications to stop the flow of water from a pipe, and is installed at the outlet of a pipeline. Plumbers use these when installing plumbing fixtures or appliances.  The type of plumbing fixtures or appliance will determine the design of the stop tap.

Other valves used in Newcastle’s Plumbing Systems.

There are several groups of valves which are in common use in the Newcastle plumbing water supply area, and they are :-

Screw Type Valves.

  • Loose Valve Screw Down type.The screw down tap closes slowly and so reduces concussion to a minimum thereby prolongs the service life of the pipe system and the tap itself. Because these valves are one way they provide a degree of back-flow protection.
  • Straight through screw down type. Often called gate valves they are manufactured with a straight through passage for the flow of water. When fully opened there is little or no restriction to water flowing through the valve.

Other Valves

  •  Ball valves are low maintenance valves.
    Plumbing Valves : Cut-away image of the internal mechanism of a ball valve.

    Ball Valve

    Cut Away view of a Ball Valve. The valve shown is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball (called a “floating ball”) to control the flow. Ball valves are durable plumbing valves which perform well after many cycles and are reliable after long periods of disuse. Plumbers use ball valves for shutoff applications because of the ball valve’s ease of operation, durability and versatility.

  • Float valves are controlled by a float to regulate or maintain the water level within storage tanks and Cisterns.
  • Check valves prevent unwanted reversal of flow of water. For this reason they are installed on large fire services and in dual supply pumps.
  • Pressure reducing valves & Pressure limiting valves are plumbing valves designed to reduce high inlet pressures to a specific outlet pressure.
  • Globe Valve Used as an isolation valve and is suitable for throttling water flow. Globe valves can be visually differentiated from a gate valves by the shape, globe valves always have a pot-bellied appearance.

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