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 Safe Drinking Water.

Plumbers in Newcastle follow practices and regulations designed to ensure safe drinking water is always available. Good clean water is vital to the entire Newcastle community.

Because the protection of safe drinking water is so important there are specific plumbing regulations. These regulations are in place to specifically to protect Newcastle’s water supply.

Protection of Newcastle’s water supply is an integral part of plumbers services.

Plumbing Installation Practices.

Improper installation practices in plumbing installations can impact heavily on the community by potentially contaminating the Newcastle water supply.

For more information on Newcastle’s water supply see further information here…

It is for this reason that all plumbers pay particular attention to issues such as back-flow and cross-connections which potentially could have a detrimental effect on the communities water supply. Plumbers use special devices and procedures protect Newcastle’s clean water supply as detailed below.

Safe drinking water in Newcastle is one very important reason to protect our water supply. Drinking water is obviously of paramount importance to Newcastle and to every community. Increased industrial and residential developments has increased the risk of contamination of our potable (drinking) water supply. See the section on cross here.

Pressure type vacuum breaker and dual check valve back flow preventer to protect safe drinking water supply.

Pressure type vacuum breaker and dual check valve back flow preventer protects safe drinking water.

Plumbers Role in Safe Drinking Water.

Newcastle’s Plumbers assess all plumbing systems to ensure that the installation does not pose any threat to the integrity of the water supply. All plumbing systems must protect Newcastle’s water supply from contamination. Where necessary Newcastle Plumbers will install devices to protect the water supply . These devices include anti-back-flow devices to protect the water supply.

Plumbers use a range of these devices to ensure safe drinking water.. See the section on Back-flow protection devices…click here

Ever since man constructed his first aqueducts, water distribution has had its problems with contamination. In Sydney, for example,the original water supply was the tank stream.  Despite all efforts the tank stream disintegrated into little more than an open sewer. By about 1826 it was abandoned as a source of safe drinking water altogether.

Water supplied by an Authority such as Hunter Water is intended primarily for human consumption, and it is now constantly tested, and if necessary, treated to satisfy the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation, & the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia.


Potable water is defined as any water which does not contain any matter, pollution, contamination, infectious material, or minerals of an objectionable nature, or in an excessive quantity, and is considered by an Authority to be satisfactory for human consumption, and for culinary and domestic purposes.

Simply it is drinkable water.

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