Water Main Connections – Plumbers Newcastle.


Water Main Connections by Plumbers Newcastle.

Water main connections vary upon the individual circumstances relation to the particular water connection.

Image showing a watermain connection

Typical Water Mains Connection


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Water mains connections in Newcastle are carried out by the plumbers in some cases because this may be the most efficient method. In other cases, however,  the Local Water Authority will need to make the connection dependant  upon individual circumstances.

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Water Main Connections – Permissions.

Water Main Connections - 2 views.

The following is a generalised procedure  :-

1. Obtain Building Approval. To apply for building approval Building plans will need to be filed with the Local water Authority so that they can assess the application.

2. The plumbers must then apply to the water authority for a permit to connect the property service to the water mains.

3. A road or footpath opening fee must then be paid to the Local Council, if applicable.

4. The plumbers must check with other Authorities regarding the  location of other underground services close-by to avoid damaging these services during excavation. Such services include telephone, coaxial cable, electrical supply, gas supply, TV and the like.

5. If the Water Supply Authority is connecting the property to the water mains the plumber may excavate for the connection. The excavation by the provided should be large enough for the Authority’s personnel to perform the water mains tapping.

6. The old method of drilling water  mains was by using a special machine which drilled directly into the wall of the water mains but a tapping band or pipe saddle is almost used exclusively now, which provides extra strength, & reduces water mains fractures.


Water authorities usually provide protection to the water mains against external corrosion. It is the plumbers responsibility to minimize damage and disruption to this protection. To protect the mains a polyethylene sleeving and sand backfilling around the water mains are frequently used. These are an integral and important part of the water supply system.

It is the licensed plumbers responsibility to minimise damage to the sleeve. Should damage occur the plumber must satisfactorily repair any damage to it prior to backfilling.

Water Authorities Systems and Pipe work materials.

In a typical water supply system water flows from dams via conduits & open channels to  filtration systems at Prospect, then a reservoir and on to pumping stations and local reservoirs.